Saturday, September 10, 2011

advantages and disadvantages of living in a capitalist society

Living in a capitalist society there can be advantages as well as disadvantages. Most of the
land and businesses in a capitalist society are individually owned and not affiliated with the government and these businesses are operated for self-profit. I personally believe it is much more profitable to live in a capitalist society rather than a socialism society as an individual, but if you have a family to provide for it is not a wise choice to live in a capitalist society which bring me to my first negative. Unlike socialism, capitalism societies don’t provide as much money as they should into their school systems as well as healthcare having a large effect on your children making it a difficult community to bring your family up in. Another negative to this society is not enough money is put into infrastructure such as roads and water supply. Not taking care of the roads can also cause bigger issues. For instance, if the roads are not taken care of that could possibly enable transportation of materials to businesses in a community causing some larger problems. In my opinion, there are more positives living in a capitalist society than negatives. Some advantages are there is more choice in what you do with your life. You are not run by the government; therefor you are free to do whatever you please to some extent. That is a very big perk living in a capitalist society. Another positive in this capitalist society is that the economy is more efficient and productive because it is not funded by the government and they have no say on what to produce. To make a capitalist society the best it can be, you need to belittle these disadvantages. The main issue of the disadvantages is putting money towards infrastructure mainly focusing on the school
systems. Every community has young children who need to be educated at a high level.  If everyone
were to put some money aside or set up donations once a week that could go towards this problem, a community would eventually come up with a large sum of money minimizing this issue. Overall, a
capitalist society only has a few flaws that can be taken care of with a little time and dedication

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